Atlatl Madness Atlatl Darts used in a new sport!?!?

I was contacted by a man asking about the strength of my Atlatl darts. He said they are used in a new sport called Warball! So being curious about that I searched it.  NBL’s WarBall is American style professional football combined with Martial Arts. It uses an Atlatl dart with a football impeded into it. 

BangBall or WarBall is the same in key areas as conventional football’s passing and running game. There is no kicking game, punting is by an Atlatl launched BangBall. We will use a black powdered rocket assisted launch of a BangBall during Kick off.

22 fighters engaged in hand to hand and stick fighting on any given play, with a ball carrier bringing the fight downfield offers a more safe, exciting, entertaining visual than conventional football. So I hope you all check it out.