Atlatl Madness’s Atlatl Darts in a Movie!!! “The Silencing”

So in April of 2019 way before we had a virus shut down the entire would, I was asked to make some darts for a movie. When I received the call the customer said that they were for a film, I was like what? Someone is making a movie that is going to have spears and Atlatls in it. I had the customer email me the information and the name of the film. It’s called “The Silencing” it’s actually has some well known actors in it. Which actually surprised me, I mean I really never thought it would that good of a film. We watched it Saturday evening and I would give an 8/10 Atlatl Dart rating. You can find it on direct tv cinema. It should be out next month on all streaming services. Thank you for reading!