Reviving the Spear: Tracking Missouri’s Atlatl-Harvested Deer”

Reviving the Spear: Tracking Missouri’s Atlatl-Harvested Deer”

The Ancient Art of Atlatl Hunting: A Modern Resurgence in Missouri

In the heart of the Midwest, a primitive hunting tool, the atlatl, has found new life among Missouri’s hunting enthusiasts. This ancient device, predating even the bow and arrow, has become a symbol of skill and tradition for many hunters in the Show-Me State.

A Look at the Numbers

While the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) provides comprehensive data on deer harvests, specific numbers for atlatl-harvested deer are not separately reported. However, the overall deer harvest numbers give us an insight into the thriving hunting culture in Missouri. In the 2022-2023 season, hunters harvested a record total of 299,719 deer, with 140,735 being antlered bucks, 27,028 button bucks, and 131,956 does1.

The Atlatl Advantage

The atlatl, a spear-thrower that allows for greater velocity and distance, has been legally used in Missouri’s deer hunting seasons since 2010. It appeals to those seeking a more challenging and traditional hunting experience. Hunters using the atlatl must hone their skills, as it requires precision and practice to master.

Conservation and Tradition

Missouri’s embrace of the atlatl in deer hunting is more than a nod to the past; it’s a commitment to wildlife management and conservation. By including the atlatl as a legal hunting tool, MDC promotes diverse methods of sustainable hunting that contribute to the state’s careful management of deer populations.

Join the Atlatl Madness

At ‘Atlatl Madness,’ we celebrate this resurgence of traditional hunting. We provide resources, workshops, and a community for atlatl enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned atlatl hunter or curious about starting, we invite you to join us in keeping this ancient tradition alive.

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